Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Odd Lot Theatre at Cafe 5



Much of July  has been spent developing Odd Lot Theatre’s “Odd Soiree” at  Café 5 here in Easton, Bristol.    Here’s the programme:-                                      


             A fundraiser for Bristol Refugee Rights

1.      Space 1. Devised by Tom Hayes

2.      Space 2.  Written and performed by Andreea Brown.

3.      ‘How Many Things Can You Think About…..?’  A very recent and provisional  response to contrasting events this year:  the solidarity of Glasgow residents in preventing two of their neighbours from removal by Immigration officers and the brutal treatment by Border Force staff of E.U. citizens arriving at U.K. airports for legitimate reasons.  Verbatim accounts of this treatment are drawn from articles in the Guardian newspaper.  

[The suitcase in this performance belonged to Liz Cashdan’s  grandfather, Elias Trilling who was a refugee from Russia in 1917. It then travelled around the world with her father, Samuel Trilling.  Liz was named Elisabeth after her grandfather.]

4.      Incident at the Frontier, 1938.  Written and performed by Liz Cashdan.

5.      The Right Thing A retired couple stumble on the realities of today’s world. At a doorstep press briefing Toby responds to criticism of their response.  Written and performed by Richard Worsnop


6.      Monologue from Age Queer written and performed by Jo Cross. This script is supported by Theatre West under their Zooming Ahead scheme for women writers Theatre West (

7.      How Long And Odd 9 Minutes Are written and performed by Rebecca Braccialarghe.

This  links patriarchy and a need for change to events including George Floyd’s murder and community resistance to immigration enforcement raids

8.      Supernova  written and performed by Andreea Brown, from her forthcoming anthology.

9.      I Come From the Cut - written and performed by Poppy Jermaine from the perspective of Alex Groves, a character featured in Odd Lot’s forthcoming project: R.I.P [Working Title]. This poem was inspired by Robert Seatter’s poem I Come From. 



We all needed the boost that developing this show gave us and we benefitted from rehearsing at WildCat Studios off the Gloucester Road.  After all this time it was fantastic to be working face to face.  Or almost!   Liz Cashdan could  join us via Rebecca’s laptop and  Tom Hayes rehearsed his Under Van Man role via mobile phone. 

A reminder, given the length of time between blog posts, Odd Lot Theatre is a multicultural and importantly, an all-ages inclusive professional company.

We raised £120.00 for Bristol Refugee Rights.  Hopefully we can put “How Many Things Can You Think About…? on a more formal, research and development footing.


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